GimKit: Quiz learning App and a platform where students can earn

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Fact about GimKit:

GimKit is a quiz App and puzzle show app where students can join and learn through quizzes in the game. So this app has many exclusive features like Quizzes and students work independently on their screens. But similar to Kahoot, they are competing beside time or opposing for money. So GimKit will provide them with questions and then students will answer these questions. If they answer correctly then students will win the cash and this a good earning for someone. But if they answer wrong then they will lose their money, so also be careful with this loss. So in GimKit students can spend money in the shops for promotions and on power-ups. And these power-ups can be used to slow down other users while promotions are used to increase the got money. So these are the facts about the GimKit and this is amazing.

What is KitCollab in GimKit?

KitCollab permits students to take charge of their learning and Kits are made by each student contributing a question. So homework GimKit is not used only in a live class setting. And you can GimKit for homework assignments that are classified automatically.

Modest background of GimKit:

  • So GimKit has 37 active modest and it ranks 16 among them. So this platform has a good rank against the other modest. Because there are 37 active modest Futmax gets 16 ranks which is very best. All these are online puzzle games and are very famous among students and teachers. This is very helpful for student learning and also teachers for managing data, reports, and assignments.
  • So 10 of its modest are supported and 4 have left and no private unicorns in the whole modest set. So GimKit is a free tool for everyone and it has some limitations that only a minimum can join it. But its pro version is very updated and there are no limitations in it for joining.
  • GimKit and its modest raising of over 4129M in funding across 28 funding rounds involving 61 investors.

What are the top contestants of GimKit?


Kahoot is the best app like GimKit and in some features, it is better than the GimKit. So Kahoot was founded in 2012 in Oslo and it is an acquired company. And Kahoot also using for learning and students also like this platform. So this is also good for teachers and some teachers use it much more.


So Quizizz was founded in 2015 in Santa Monica, and this platform has a series B company. And this app is good like Kahoot and Pixwox and it also has many exclusive features. Students and teachers also using it for learning and earning and teachers are using it for managing data.


GoNoodle is the top contestant against the GimKit with its exclusive features. So it was founded in 2012 in Nashville and it is a Series A Company. This platform has also many benefits in live sessions and it provides online learning opportunities.

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