Foreign money exchange online with IndusInd Bank Forex Card

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People need foreign money exchange services when they want to visit another country. You may need to visit another country for business reasons. Alternatively, many people plan their family vacations at exotic foreign destinations. Traveling to a new country is exciting, though it also brings many hassles. Firstly, tourists undergo visa-related documentation before their foreign trips. Secondly, you need to plan your expenses perfectly for the trip. A common problem for international tourists is currency exchange. You can nowadays find foreign money exchange online, though the reliability of such services is in question. Instead of choosing such services, applying for the IndusInd forex card is always good for your next international holiday. In the following section, find a comparative analysis to understand the benefits of the IndusInd Forex Card.

  1. Stop Paying High Charges to the Brokers

Tourists often convert currency through brokers, who charge high exchange fees and commissions. You can make your international holidays cheaper by choosing the IndusInd Bank forex card. You can load money onto this prepaid card easily. Moreover, you can load money in different currencies on this forex card. The card supports all major currencies of the world.

The good thing is that you can avoid paying the hefty transaction fee for every prepaid card recharge. The conversion rate will be according to the market rate. Moreover, when the conversion rate is low, you can take your time and load money on the card. Travelers can apply and obtain the IndusInd forex card 60 days before their journey date.

  1. Avoid the Airport Queue

A long queue at the currency exchange kiosk of international airports is a common sight. The exchange rate is high at these kiosks, and you also pay hefty commission charges. Moreover, the airport currency conversion kiosks charge multiple hidden charges on the currency exchange. Therefore, you waste time in the long queue and pay high conversion fees. In contrast, forex card offers foreign money exchange online. You can load the card through the online portal of IndusInd Bank anytime, according to your requirements.

  1. Go for Cashless Transactions

Traveling with a large amount of cash is always risky, as a small accident can cause a cash crunch. You can make mistakes by embracing the cashless forex card. The card helps you make online payments at all recognized e-commerce stores. Moreover, you can make payment through the card at the POS counter of a retail store. Therefore, you can avoid the hassles of carrying cash to a large extent during your foreign trip. You can use the card to withdraw cash from the ATM counters, even if you need cash.

  1. Multiple Currencies on One Card

You can load multiple currencies on the IndusInd Forex Card. At times, you may have to travel to multiple countries during an international vacation. Instead of facing the hassles of currency conversion, you can use the forex card to make your holiday experience smoother.

So, these are the benefits of foreign money exchange online through the IndusInd Bank forex card. The card is offered to the customers at a nominal charge.

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