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Fix Problems With Brostrend WiFi Extender Setup

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Is your WiFi connection malfunctioning right now? You can fix this connection issue in a variety of ways. Simply try these suggestions to solve the problem. Let’s begin…

Modify An Extender’s Location

The location of the Brostrend WiFi extender significantly affects WiFi connection issues as well. Currently, you should relocate your extender, as per our recommendation. As these items clog the WiFi signal from the router. So, avoid placing your extender close to metal objects, outside walls, furniture, electronic equipment, etc.

Switch the Brostrend WiFi Extender On And Off

The Brostrend WiFi extender’s power cycle is crucial for resolving this problem. It is a pretty easy way.


The Brostrend WiFi extender’s power plug needs to remove from the wall socket first. After waiting for 30 seconds, hit the Brostrend extender’s off button. Turn on your extender after those few seconds to check if it functions as it should. Your problem now resolves as a consequence.

Update An Extender’s Application

Connection problems can also buy on by an extender’s outdated software. We advise you to upgrade the extender’s software. If you don’t know how to update an extender’s software, follow these instructions.

  • Initially, launch a web browser, then type into the address bar.
  • Then, you will access the extender’s login page using this IP address.
  • Afterward, you must select the administrative option after logging into the setup page.
  • A software upgrade option is selected underneath an administration option.
  • Thereafter, on your laptop or smartphone, locate the most recent software file.
  • After that, install it by clicking on it. An extender’s firmware upgrade will take a few minutes.
  • Your Brostrend WiFi extender will reboot during the update. Make sure your WiFi extender is not off.
  • Your connection is now fixed as a result of using this technique.h

Note: We hope that this method fixed your Brostrend WiFi extender setup problem, but if it didn’t, try these alternative solutions to fix the problem.

Resetting The Brostrend WiFi Extender

Your Brostrend WiFi extender can reset using any of two techniques.

  • Reset gently.
  • Hard reset

Tip: Continue reading if you don’t know how to reset an extender.

Soft Reset For Brostrend Extender

Simply put, it’s the most straightforward way to reset an extender. For this technique, apply these procedures.


First, locate the extender’s reset button, which is typically found on the back side of the extender. Now take a paper clip and insert it into the reset button’s reset hole. Be careful not to press the button too firmly as this could harm your extension. The reset button should be pressed and held for eight to ten seconds. Your extension will automatically reset. Turn on your smartphone after thirty seconds to ensure correct operation.

Hard Reset The Brostrend Extender

You must perform a factory reset before you may hard reset an extension. For a hard reset of an extension, follow these procedures.

  • Start by removing the plug from the power cord from the extender’s back.
  • Try to pry up the battery cover with a flat-bladed screwdriver to remove it.
  • Now, remove the battery and set it somewhere secure.
  • Next, put a battery in a holder and check to make sure it’s there.
  • Put the extender’s plug in the power outlet as a result, and wait for it to turn on before using it.

Note: You will have to set up the Brostrend WiFi extender again after the reset. These instructions should follow if you want to learn how to set up a Brostrend extender properly.

Configure WPS For Brostrend Extender

There is the easiest way to set up a Brostrend WiFi extender is via WPS. Follow these steps to do this method.

  • To begin WPS pairing, press the WPS button on your current host router.
  • In this case, the router’s WPS LED light ought to indicate a change in status.
  • In the following two minutes, push the WPS button on the Brostrend extender.
  • Now, wait a few minutes for the extender’s LED light to solidify.
  • As a result, an extender and router are successfully connected.

Activate Brostrend Extender By Visiting

If the WPS button on an extender doesn’t work for you, try instead. To use this technique, follow these simple instructions.

  • To start with, your WiFi device must first connect to an extender’s default network, Brostrend EXT. For a first connection, there won’t be a requirement for a security password.
  • Second, once your WiFi device links to an extender, type into the browser’s address bar.
  • You can choose your username and password during your first login.
  • Finally, choose the WiFi name of the current router, followed by the SSID and password.
  • Lastly, you can determine the connection between the extension and router with the support of the LED color on your extender.

To Conclude…

After reading this guide, we hope you are aware of the issue and know how to resolve Brostrend extension setup problems. For additional updates, stay close to this post.

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