search people on facebook
search people on facebook

How to Find Someone on Facebook Without Logging in?

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 Facebook is a platform which lets you interact with your friends and family, along with which it also lets you make new friends on the platform. 

There might be many people like you who want to know how to find people on Facebook without even signing into your account. Well, this article covers the ways which can help you in doing so. So, read out the blog to get to know about the ways. 

Ways to find someone on Facebook platform without logging into your account – 

Facebook directory 

It is the best place from where you could start to find accounts on Facebook, as Facebook directory is like a phone book where you can search for the person you are looking for. 

To use this way you have to access site first which is 

Since, you do not want to sign into the platform you should prove that you are not a robot before moving ahead. 

Once the security check is done you will be able to browse Facebook under three different categories which are – 

People – Under people you will be able to see a list of users of Facebook which will be presented to you in alphabetical order. Now, using the search bar on the screen you can look for the person you want by Facebook name search. 

You can narrow down your search by using location, workplace, school, etc from where you are looking for a person. 

Pages – This category covers the verified profiles of celebrities along with businesses and restaurants. If you are looking for a celeb, business, restaurant, NGO or any other club. Then this is the perfect place for you to start. 

Places tab – This category is where you can hunt for events, hotels as well as for businesses. When you are log into your account. You will be shown places which are near you. But even when you are not log in you will still be able to find the information which you need. 

Use Google to look for people 

Facebook search by name can also be done with the help of Google, even if you do not know how to do it, relax we have got the steps prepared for you. 

You have to open the Google browser on your device. Then you are suppose to fill in ‘’ in the search bar which you can see on the screen. 

Following this you are require to add the name of the person, and  group or name of the event which you are looking for. 

You will get the see the similar results related to your search on your screen. Where you can select the result you want. 

You can use the same steps as Google in other search engines also such as Bing, Duck duck go, etc.

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