Find out about small business health insurance
Find out about small business health insurance

Small business health insurance

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Business health insurance is very different from health insurance. Let’s know more about each of them and the types of each.

The main difference between Small busieness health insurance and health plan is that the first aims to guarantee reimbursement coverage for free-choice doctors to beneficiaries, while the second does not usually provide reimbursement.

Learn more about health insurance

Health insurance is a modality of medical services in which reimbursement is guaranteed for doctors of free choice to beneficiaries. The health plan, on the other hand, offers medical care without any kind of reimbursement. 

In addition, health plan operators have their products based on access through their own network — hospitals, service centers and clinical centers. Insurance companies, in turn, have products that are 100% based on accredited hospitals and laboratories.

Generally, health plan operators have services based on their own network that can be provided by hospitals, service centers and other health establishments. 

Insurance companies work with products fully provided by accredited hospitals and laboratories. 

Health plans, on the other hand, are offered by the so-called health operators that work with several health plans, without exclusivity. And health insurance is provided by insurance companies, the same ones that often have insurance for cars, houses, etc. 

Best types of health insurance for small businesses

Health insurance

Health insurance is insurance that covers all or part of the risk of a person incurring medical expenses, spreading the risk over several people. 

Health insurance to cover part or all of the risk of medical expenses, can be split between several people. 

accident insurance

The occupational environment, in certain sectors, makes the occurrence of accidents almost inevitable, hence the need for health insurance to cover employees. 

Whatever your need, the important thing is to have a health service for your company. 

Small Business Medical Insurance

Small business health plan

Micro and small companies are increasingly looking to offer differentials in the search for qualified professionals, and an excellent differential is having a health plan offered to its employees, which helps not only to attract them but also to keep these professionals in the company.

Previously, the plans were basically aimed at serving large companies that offered the plan as a benefit to their workers. Nowadays, this reality is gradually changing, as insurers seek out the small and medium-sized sectors of the business community.

How does small business health insurance work?

The plan is aimed at small companies with a low number of employees. Operators offer plans for small companies from 2 (two) lives.

If you have a CNPJ or MEI (Micro Emprendedor Individual) you can make your plan for small companies with monthly fees of up to 30% more than individual or family plans. Request an Online Quote or Call our Brokers and ask all your questions about the plan.

Advantages of the small business plan

One of the advantages of providing health plans for small companies is the retention of good professionals, as it makes the company more attractive to new talented employees, making them strive to keep their jobs.

Nowadays, a health plan is a necessity for people, due to the serious problems with the public health system, where having a job that offers a health plan ends up being a great option, as a private health plan ends up being much more expensive. expensive.

One of the operators that offers health plans for small companies is SulAmérica, where its representative stated that the insurer has prepared a series of products aimed at small and medium-sized companies in recent years, which made the segment’s representativeness in the company’s results increase.

“Across the SME sector, we have developed a new portfolio with the needs demanded by the market, with products that are simpler and easier to sell. We have seen significant progress in the SME segments, which already represent around 20% of our operations in Health and Dental” .

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