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Brick pointing is the process of fixing the mortar that separates the bricks in a masonry structure. This is an important maintenance job that helps keep your building in good shape and prevents water infiltration-related damage. Begin by researching different Brick Pointing in Brooklyn. Look for contractors that specialize in brick pointing, as this is a specific skill and not all masonry contractors offer this service.

Brick pointing is crucial because the mortar that separates the bricks keeps the structure stable. The mortar may deteriorate over time because of weathering and exposure to the elements. Cracking and loosening of the mortar as a result can cause structural damage and water intrusion. This helps to seal the bricks and keep water out of the structure.

Signs Your Building Might Require Brick Pointing

Bricks with missing or cracked mortar between them Bricks that are loose or wobbly. A professional brick pointing contractor should inspect your building as soon as possible if you notice any of these signs: water infiltration or stains on the walls; bowing or leaning walls; efflorescence, which is a white powdery residue on the walls.

Types of Brick Pointing

Brick pointing can be done in several different ways, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. The following are the most typical kinds of brick pointing:


This is the most common type of brick pointing, and older buildings with significant mortar deterioration typically use it.

pointing too much

The process of covering the existing mortar with a new layer is known as this. Although it may not provide as much structural support as repointing, this is a faster and less invasive option.

Extending out

This involves repointing after the old mortar is removed to a certain depth. Most of the time, this is used for mortar deterioration that is more severe.

Choosing a Brick Pointing Contractor in Brooklyn:

  • It’s critical to do your homework and select a Brooklyn’s Brick Pointing with experience, a good reputation, and the necessary insurance and licensing. Request references and investigate them. Look online for reviews or testimonials from previous clients to learn more about the contractor.
  • Cost Brick pointing takes a lot of time and effort, so it can be expensive. The cost will be determined by factors such as the size of the building, the extent of the damage, and the kind of brick pointing used. Make sure to get estimates from multiple contractors and select one that uses high-quality materials and discloses their costs openly.
  • Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to brick pointing. A reliable contractor will have a safety program in place to safeguard both the homeowner or business owner and their employees. In addition, they will be familiar with OSHA regulations and adhere to appropriate safety procedures and protocols.
  • Timing When scheduling work for brick pointing, it’s also important to keep the timing in mind. Brick pointing is most effective in the spring or fall, when temperatures are moderate and not too hot or cold. This will permit the mortar to fix appropriately and guarantee the best outcomes.
  • The materials used by a brick pointing contractor should also be taken into consideration. Make sure the contractor uses weather-resistant, high-quality materials. Check with the contractor to see if the mortar they use is compatible with the brick in your building.
  • It is essential to inquire about the contractor’s cleaning procedures following the completion of the work. Any old materials or debris will be properly disposed of, and the work area will be left clean and tidy by a competent contractor.
  • Color matching is another important factor to think about when hiring a brick pointing contractor: whether or not they can match the color of the new mortar to the color of the brick.

Custom Services:

When looking for a Brooklyn brick pointing contractor, it’s important to also think about their specialties. If your building is a historic landmark, some brick pointing contractors specialize in historic preservation. Custom brickwork or stonework may be a specialty of other contractors.

Communication and Customer Service Lastly, hiring a brick pointing contractor requires excellent communication and customer service. Find a contractor who responds quickly to your inquiries and concerns and is easy to communicate with. Additionally, a reputable contractor will keep you apprised of the progress and be available to address any concerns you may have.


Brick pointing is an important maintenance job that helps keep your building in good shape and prevents water infiltration-related damage. Consider their experience, reputation, licensing, insurance, cost, safety, timing, materials, and cleanup strategy when choosing a Brooklyn brick pointing contractor. You can guarantee the safety of your building and the highest quality of the work if you take the time to find the right contractor. Since hiring a brick pointing contractor in Brooklyn is a big decision, do your homework to find one with the right experience, reputation, licensing, insurance, cost, safety, timing, materials, cleaning strategy, color matching, custom services, communication, and customer service.

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