Elation Vs Centricity EMR: Battle of the Best

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When you are choosing between Elation EMR and Centricity EMR, it is important to consider their similarities and differences. For example, both EMR software programs integrate multiple applications and provide a clinical-first experience for both doctors and patients. But which is the better fit for your practice?

Integrates multiple applications

Elation is a mashup of a number of applications in one. It includes a number of clinical and practice management tools, a streamlined billing suite, and even a cloud-based practice website. Getting started with Elation is as easy as signing up and selecting your services, and you don’t have to commit to a long-term contract.

The aforementioned EHR suite features a host of features and tools, including a streamlined billing suite, online self-scheduling, and e-Rx. Elation also touts a top-notch customer support team that can respond to your inquiries within 30 minutes. Having access to an array of tools and resources at your fingertips will certainly help streamline your workflow and ensure your patients are rewarded with the best care possible.

Elation has also partnered with medical groups such as Galileo and Dock Health to automate clinical trial tasks, reduce burnout, and boost patient satisfaction. They also boast a robust API to make it even easier for developers to build custom applications. Besides, Elation’s SaaS model means you don’t have to worry about a long-term contract.

Provides a clinical-first experience

Elation Health is an award-winning collaborative EHR platform. Their products and services empower independent primary care practices to deliver high-quality patient care. They do this with a clinical-first approach, which includes an open, API-based architecture. This allows their customers to build upon their platform and add new capabilities.

The company’s flagship product, ElationEMR, is a Meaningful Use Stage 2 electronic health record (EHR) that helps thousands of clinicians manage their patients’ care. Its features include a host of billing tools, order tracking, and bulk patient messaging. In addition, it is integrated with Kareo’s suite of medical office software.

Elation also offers a secure patient portal, Passport. Through Passport, Elation patients can schedule appointments, pay online, and access their health information from any device.

With a robust API, partners can develop custom applications on top of the Elation platform. Approximately one million API calls are made daily.

Elation’s EHR has an intuitive design that supports an entire care cycle. This includes automated coding and clinical reminders. There is also an integrated e-fax feature.

Streamlines the doctor-patient relationship

Elation EMR is a web-based electronic health record (EHR) that is easy to use and designed to streamline the doctor-patient relationship. It helps independent primary care practices engage patients before they visit the clinic, and provides a secure patient portal.

Elation offers a complete package of tools, including a free EMR demo, that can help your practice achieve success. This software helps streamline administrative and clinical tasks, while providing a comprehensive view of your practice’s performance.

With a secure client portal, clinicians can access and maintain patient records, track their progress, and schedule appointments. The platform also includes a variety of tools for billing and referral management. In addition, it gives your practice a competitive advantage by providing an easy-to-use electronic health record.

Elation’s integrated telehealth solution lets your clinic see patients virtually, while automated coding and scheduling reduces in-office waiting times. These features are particularly useful for specialty providers.

Elation’s Clinical First EHR ensures superior patient outcomes, while providing physician-centered workflow. It allows you to schedule follow-up visits and identify patients who aren’t meeting their goals.

Is a good fit for independent primary care practices

Elation Health is a technology platform that provides independent primary care practices with practice management tools. It’s designed to save time for doctors and their staff. This software allows independent PCPs to grow and improve patient care.

With Elation Health, patients can book their appointments online. They can also check in up to 24 hours before their visit. Those features are part of a secure patient portal. The EHR platform also has a billing module that allows doctors to process patient payments.

Elation works with both large health systems and independent primary care practices. While smaller clinics may benefit from the ease of use of the Elation EHR, larger practices will need to upgrade to a more robust system.

As of today, Elation supports more than 300 healthcare organizations. There are about 24,000 active clinicians and more than nine million patient records on the Elation platform.

For small to medium-sized independent primary care practices, the Elation EHR is an easy-to-use and intuitive system that streamlines charting tasks. Practices can also access a full patient medical history using the three-panel console.


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