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DrChrono vs NextGen: A Detailed Outlook 

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EHR solutions are the driving force of medical facilities. These solutions improve clinical sustainability, ensuring a consistent growth pace. Also, electronic medical health records shape the clinical norms across the care spectrum. With the advent of time, these platforms have embraced technology. They couple clients’ needs with tech-savvy inventions to deliver exceptional care services.  

DrChrono and NextGen are two tech-intensive solutions driven by continuous innovation and intuitiveness. This DrChrono EHR vs NextGen guide will take you through their unprecedented specs and users’ perception about those. Besides that, we will look into the pricing structures in the DrChrono vs NextGen comparative guide and much more. So, let’s get straight to the point before further ado.  

Dive Into DrChrono EHR Software 

DrChrono EHR Features to Look Forward To  

The features of DrChrono are embedded within its prime healthcare products. The main products offered are: 

Electronic Health Records 


Practice Management 

Medical Billing 

Revenue Cycle Management 

Patient Portal 

Mobile EHR Solutions 

App Marketplace 

The features that lie within are of high quality, and no other vendor masters such level of care functionalities. So let’s dive into the details of the chic and versatile features of DrChrono. 

Drawing Tools: 

You can easily annotate images directly into your EHR system using this service. This dynamic photo charting tool helps doctors visualize images to conduct thorough diagnostics.  

Custom Vitals: 

DrChrono features a solid tool for recording patient vitals. It supports vital sheets that track and visualize noteworthy trends in patient data. Standard vitals include temperature and BPM.  

Practice Chat: 

As per the reviews, this intuitive service of DrChrono improves staff efficiency by enhancing coordination. Internal communication enables staff to address particular issues securely.  

Task Management: 

It’s one exclusive solution for reducing administrators’ burnout. Administrators can delegate tasks efficiently, whether it’s attaching forms, follow-up claims submission, or something else.  

TriZetto Billing Processing: 

DrChrono features seamless integration with TriZetto for simplifying billing processes. Billing makes more sense this way, and you will get to handle invoices and claims more speedily.  

Denial Analysis: 

Besides denial resolution, DrChrono reviews illustrate it runs denial analysis understanding the root cause of denials. The top denial reasons will maximize your returns. 

What Does the DrChrono Cost?  

The pricing structure of DrChrono is the best thing about it. DrChrono offers 4 varying pricing bundles to assist practitioners of all sizes. The range, however, is not listed, just the feature range of all pricing plans shared by DrChrono. For exact details, you can reach out to the sales team of this leading platform.  

Can I Watch DrChrono EHR Demo?  

Yes, you watch a demo of DrChrono by visiting its official webpage. Then, click on the request demo button to schedule one with DrChrono. It will reveal salient facts about its functionalities and explain how it will meet your needs. In general, the DrChrono demo is about delivering faster care with utmost accuracy, enhancing the care team’s productivity.  

DrChrono EHR Reviews  

DrChrono entails a 4.02-star reviews rating on SoftwareAdvice. This above-average reviews rating shows clients are satisfied with the impeccable services of DrChrono. According to the reviews, DrChrono enhances patient outcomes by eliminating paper-based work. It is labeled an effective tool, and users rave about its effectiveness and adaptability. However, reviews suggest that the customer service of DrChrono is awful. 

Dive Into NextGen EHR 

NextGen Features to Look Forward To  

NextGen features tons of amazing services so your practice can reach the heights of success. The prime categories its features are divided into are.  

Electronic Health Records 

Provider Experience 


Practice Management 

Revenue Cycle Management 

Patient Experience 

Value-based Care 

Analytics & Reporting 

The features of NetGen vary for small and enterprise-grade practices. But put that concept aside for now, let’s explore the salient features of NextGen in general.  

Managed Cloud Services: 

Running on IT infrastructure, NextGe reviews state it improves operational efficiency supporting business agility. These services make formulary updates way easier.  

Virtual Scribe: 

NextGen features exclusive scribing services to cut down the need for excessive documentation. It allows for hassle-free documentation in exam rooms enabling you to focus on patients wholly.  

Actionable Insights: 

This innovative platform gains actionable insights by drilling deeper into clinical databases. It aggregates financial data from payers and runs analytic reports using 100+ KPIs. 

Staff Augmentation: 

The NextGen software features staff augmentation services providing endless back-office support. As a result, it lessens the pressure on staff, enhancing their efficiency and productivity.  

Integrated MPI: 

The integrated MPI is one of the best features of NextGen. It connects the right patients with the right data facilitating instant data access and leading to timely diagnosis.  

What Does the NextGen Cost?  

The good news for you is NextGen offers two pricing modules. This distinction of NextGen pricing modules is based on the practice size. There are two modules NextGen Office for small-sized practices and NextGen EHR Enterprise for mid-to enterprise-grade ones. The pricing range of both mobiles vary considerably. However, we can’t tell you the exact figure as NextGen has yet to reveal its pricing plans. 

Can I Watch the NextGen Demo?  

Of Course, you can watch a demo by visiting the website of NextGen software. You must submit your specialty type, the number of providers, and much more details while scheduling a demo so NextGen accordingly crafts a demo. Users testify that NextGen offers a well-informed demo stating actual facts instead of misguiding people.  

The NextGen EHR Software Reviews  

NextGen reviews are highly optimistic. NextGen enjoys a 4.01 reviews rating on SoftwareAdvice. Clients realize that after implementing this vendor, they get easier patient identification through longitudinal records. Also, reviews say NextGen preaches flexibility, customizability, and agility. Its robust data analytics leaves no room for errors in patient cases. However, one significant drawback highlighted in the reviews is NextGen doesn’t often update, thus slowing down certain operations. 

Our Verdict 

From this DrChrono vs NextGen guide, we learned both these solutions offer one-in-a-kind services. They are the best overall but have certain drawbacks associated with them. Still, both these solutions score exceptional reviews, which means you can choose any solution. It is also clear that they incorporate configurable and scalable services tending to all-sized practices alike. With that said, our DrChron vs NextGen analysis comes to an end. We hope you find the right vendor for your practice. 

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