Do You Want to Buy Custom Beard Oil Boxes Wholesale?

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We suggest you choose us for wholesale purposes because we are the trust worth buying superior packaging at the cheapest rates without extra taxes.

Maybe you get fewer rates than us, but what’s the surety of the quality? Only iCustomBoxes provide you specified raw sample kit before proceeding with the order to wholesale. It aims to provide you with 100% surety and satisfaction. So, you can freely confirm your order in bulk. Also, you can get an extra discount if you order now because of the new year 2023 sale.

Be on preference with personalized custom beard oil boxes:

Do you want more than expectations in the beard oil business? And want people to buy your product when many famous brands are around? But how when people do not even notice your product? You can also make your product noticeable with attractive packaging, which is possible through customization. Here are a few instructions

  1. Choose a unique box style for beard oil boxes. Our experts will customize it according to the instructions.
  2. Design it with unique designs, images, and PMS or CMYK color combos
  3. Use hot stamp foiling to give a sparkling shine to the brand logo design or image.
  4. Customize the box with die-cut windows in different shapes for an inner glance.
  5. If it’s a subscription beard oil box, use embossing and debossing to highlight the brand logo, design, or text. You can also combine it with hot stamp foiling.
  6. For bundle beard oil packaging, keep custom inserts inside. You can print inserts in different shades and designs for a graceful impression.
  7. Write down the full detailed descriptions in readable fonts and shades for customer satisfaction.

Two steps to provide complete protection in custom beard oil boxes:

1. Get 100% eco-friendly material for custom beard oil boxes:

Are you concerned about nature’s future? And being a responsible citizen, want to play a part in nature’s safety? You can get into your business by skipping non-environment-friendly packaging. For that initiative, iCustom boxes are your friend because we prefer eco-friendly packaging.

Rather than nature safety, eco-friendly materials are also beneficial for your business economically. Because it costs less than plastic, tin, and other packaging materials. Also, you get more appreciation from the nature lovers’ community.

Material selection guidelines for custom beard oil boxes:

a. Kraft material:

The kraft boxes can also be used for regular packaging of beard oil bottles. They are available in brown color in natural form. And in white shade in bleached form. You can print in any shade. Use white kraft boxes if you don’t want to invest in printing.

b. Cardboard material:

The cardboard material boxes are ideal for regular packaging. They are available in the brown shade in natural form. As they are customizable, you can print these boxes in different shades with PMS and CMYK color schemes.

c. Rigid material:

The rigid material boxes are preferable for exclusive packaging as they are high priced. But if you want exclusive packaging for promotional purposes, they are worth it.

d. Corrugated material:

You can use corrugated material boxes for shipment purposes. We will customize these boxes according to the measurements and instructions you provide. For heavy-weight bundles, you can add flutes too.

2. Intensify the custom beard oil box durability and shelve life with laminations and coatings:

Does your custom box get crumbled and wrinkled within time and doesn’t last for long? And it tears or breaks while dispatching? It’s happening because you are not doing laminations or coating on it, which Increases the custom beard oil durability. Also, it sealed the box surface in the form of an extra layer of protection. Also,

  • The box remains to save from humidity
  • The UV rays, air, dust, and other environmental factors can’t enter the box
  • The printed ink does not spread
  • The printed design and color do not get faded due to sun rays
  • The laminations and coatings intensify the custom box beauty
  • It also secures the box surface from scratches, dust, smudges, and fingerprints

Laminations and coatings options for custom beard oil boxes:

A. Matte lamination:

  • The matte lamination gives the custom beard oil packaging a decent natural appearance.
  • It also balances the darker shades due to its luster properties.
  • It is non-environmentally friendly and non-recyclable
  • It’s easy to read the detailed descriptions with matte lamination

B. Gloss lamination:

  • The gloss lamination gives a glossy shine to the custom beard oil box.
  • It also increases the PMS and CMYK shade’s vibrancy due to shiny glare.
  • It is applied as a thin layer on the whole box and is non-recyclable
  • As it reflects lights, therefore, it’s not easy to read the detailed description with gloss lamination

C. Aqueous coating:

  • It is a liquid-based coating and is applied by heating a high flame all over the box.
  • It is 100% environment friendly and recyclable
  • It gives both matte and gloss effects
  • It is more economical than matte and gloss lamination

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