How to Clean a MacBook Pro Keyboard Without Compressed Air?

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Do you have spots and stains on your MacBook keyboard? Are you willing to clean without using compressed air? Well! Cleaning a MacBook keyboard isn’t difficult, but you should be aware of certain aspects to prevent the possibility of any damage.

Even though the MacBook keyboard requires simple cleaning, you should still be careful as it is a delicate and tiny item. Moreover, it will be easier for you if you have to access compressed air. However, the keyboards are specifically designed to withstand dirt.

But the accumulation of dirt after a specific span can cause severe damage to the sensor and keys. So, it becomes necessary to clean the MacBook keyboard. Many cleaning methods are available, but you should consider the listed ones to obtain better results.

MacBook keyboard: how to clean it?

There are specific aspects that you must consider before beginning the cleaning process, and that is:

  • Disinfecting wipe
  • Cleaning tape

Initially, users need to disconnect their MacBook from the power sources. Next, removing the battery is extremely important as turning your device upside down. It enables any debris or dust to fall off, and clean the dust with clear tape.

So, to remove dust from the bottom of the key, you need to use the sticky side of the clearing tape. Feel free to use the cleaning slime to remove every dust particle and get clean spots. There is a specific type of keyboard disinfectant wipe present which you can consider for better results.

Lastly, it would help if you used the cloth to clean the keyboard, which gives a squeaky clean finish. After that, start using your MacBook keyboard to protect it from other spots or dust.

A simple and hassle-free way to clean your MacBook keyboard

To clean the MacBook keys, use some cotton swabs that are dipped in rubbing alcohol. But we must make sure that it is dipped and completely soaked in such a solution. Once you are done with the dust removal part, then discard the cotton swab.

You can also clean your keyboard with a small brush. Therefore, it is simple to purchase from any nearby or online store, and it is much safer than compressed air.

There are other methods of cleaning your MacBook keyboard that include a simple brush. Here’s how to use it:

  • Switch off your MacBook and unplug it from every power source.
  • After that, use a brush to remove the dirt.
  • Cleaning with a brush is easier and helps you wipe out the remaining dust.

At last, you can use a clean cloth to ensure no residue is left behind. The disinfectant wipe offers a clean and dirt-free keyboard without any dust build-up.

Exquisite ways to clean MacBook Pro or MacBook

Suppose you own a MacBook (2015 or later) or MacBook Pro (2016 and later) that contains an unresponsive key or the key that feels quite different from normal ones. If so, you must consider the listed steps to resolve such issues. But the following steps involve compressed air, so you must read them carefully.

  • Hold your MacBook at an angle of 75 degrees which isn’t completely vertical.
  • Now use the compressed air to spray the keyboard or the affected keys in the right motion.
  • You need to move air from left to right back and forth to get the finest quality results.
  • Rotate your device to the right side and then spray the keyboard once again from left to right.
  • Repeat this action multiple times while your device is rotated to the left side.

Pro tip: If the keys still aren’t responding, then you should seek the Best repair store in Oxford. Learn more about cleaning apple products from professionals to eliminate further chaos.

How to use disinfectant wipes to clean the MacBook?

It is a deep cleaning action that is considered as the most rewarding part of cleaning your MacBook keyboard. Cleaning the keyboard with disinfectant ensures you get rid of stains, spills and dirty crevices. It also eliminates the unseen bacteria or germs that the naked eye can’t see.

  • Make sure that the preferred disinfectant doesn’t contain any bleach. The Apple expert suggests using Clorox kitchen disinfecting, or Lysol wipes to obtain better results.
  • You can use such wipes for other electronics; spray it on the microfiber cloth, then use it on the desired area.
  • Be careful, and you should neglect pooling around the keyboard.
  • Try to use less spray on the keyboard.
  • Avoid spraying disinfectant directly on the keyboard as it can damage it, and you might need professional assistance.


Even after considering the listed ways, if you cannot clean it independently, you should seek the macbook repair store in Oxford. The experts ensure you can get a working product that is completely dust and debris-free.


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