Choose Windows UAE Dedicated Server for your Business Website
UAE Dedicated Server

Choose Windows UAE Dedicated Server for your Business Website

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Start your website with the best Dedicated Server Hosting Plans from Onlive Server. This UAE’s top web hosting provider offers a wide range of UAE Dedicated Server hosting plans. They are one of the most trusted dedicated server hosting companies for providing high-quality and affordable dedicated servers. And they give you unlimited bandwidth, SSD disk space, huge email accounts, and unlimited databases on your dedicated server so that you can start your business without any worries.

Its commitment to you is to offer high-quality services at a reasonable price and provide outstanding customer support. It has more than 10 years of experience providing services to thousands of customers across the globe who enjoy our services daily.

Their team has years of experience working with different hosting packages such as Windows, Linux, VPS Hosting, and Cloud Hosting services. You can choose from our wide range of packages according to your budget and requirement according to your requirements. You can also get customized web solutions by contacting our experts, who will help you find solutions according to your specific needs.

What are the benefits of using a Windows UAE dedicated server?


Dedicated servers are more expensive than shared hosting. However, the benefits of having a dedicated server outweigh the cost. A dedicated server gives you more flexibility and control over your website and data. With a dedicated server, you can install whatever software you need without restrictions; sharing hosting is impossible. Your data is also safer on a dedicated server because it’s backed up by professionals instead of other users on the same service.

Maintaining a dedicated server can be difficult, but if handled correctly, it can give a massive advantage to any business and help improve customer satisfaction.

Highly secure

You’ll be able to rest easy when using a Windows UAE dedicated server because it comes with all kinds of security features. For example, some firewalls block hackers from accessing your system, anti-virus software to prevent viruses from infecting your system, and password protection for securing sensitive information on the server itself.


When you purchase an UAE Dedicated server from Onlive Server, it provides you with a 24/7 support team that will be available to solve any issues that may arise during the installation or after the building has been completed. And back up your data every day so that in case of any mishap or system failure, we can restore your data quickly and efficiently so that you can continue working on a backup copy of it instead of losing all your work in progress. Ease of backup lets you work with peace of mind while our experienced technicians are on call to fix any issue at any time of the day or night if required.

High Bandwidth

Dedicated servers have more bandwidth than shared hosting plans because there’s no limit on how much data you can transfer from one website to another through your domain name servers (DNS). This means that your website will load faster as compared to other websites on the same server that don’t have enough bandwidth for your website to load fast because of limited resources like RAM and CPU power etc.

Why Choose a Windows dedicated Server instead of Linux?

Operating a business on a Linux-dedicated server can be more complicated, and fewer resources are available to help you. On the other hand, Linux is free, and windows server is not. If you have the money to spend, a Windows server will be worth it because it is easier to use.

Windows Server also offers centralized control through an administrator account with additional layers of security to maintain your data’s integrity, ensuring no one hacks into your system or takes your company’s private data. It also comes equipped with some essential monitoring tools that make it easy to see what is going on in your computer. These tools allow you to track what your computer is doing at any given time and make necessary changes as needed.


  1. How is Windows UAE dedicated server hosting beneficial for my business?

Ans. Windows Dedicated Server in UAE is beneficial because it allows you to do as you, please with your server. When renting a dedicated server, you have complete control over the operating system and hardware. You are also responsible for backing up and maintaining the data on that machine, which can be a big responsibility. Plus, when you purchase a dedicated server from Onlive Server, they provide 24/7 technical support to ensure everything runs smoothly.

  1. Why should I choose a dedicated server over the other hosting options?

Ans. Dedicated servers are just what they sound like. They are a single server and resources dedicated to one customer. The benefit of this is that you will not be sharing any resources with anyone else, which can help you get the most out of your website hosting experience. It also helps provide an additional layer of security because there is no other customer on the same machine as yours.

  1. Can I upgrade my server anytime per my business needs?

Ans. Yes, this is one of the benefits of a dedicated server. You can upgrade your server anytime as per your business needs without any hassles or downtime to your website and applications.

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