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Children Care business History and Evolution over time

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Childcare is the practice of giving care to children in a way that ‘they’ get all the required support, overall health and a stimulating environment for growth and development; and an opportunity for their parents to work while the children are engaged with the caregivers at playschool, Childcare centers, etc. Childcare can take place in a variety of settings, such as the home of the caregiver, in a daycare centre, at a preschool, or in an early childhood education program.

The history and evolution of Childcare- Childcare has been there ever since humans are, but the care provider has changed from time to time and taken a complex change. It has been driven by many factors historically including when women’s started participating in the workforce, changing views on gender roles and family structures, and evolving social policies. Also Read:  Top 5 School For Children

A Global look at Childcare Industry: Its history and evolution

The roots of early childhood education go as far back as the early 1500s when the concept of educating children was attributed to Martin Luther (1483-1546). Back then, very few people knew how to read and many were illiterate. Martin Luther believed that education should be universal and made it a point to emphasize that education strengthened the family as well as the community. But this was only covering the education part of childcare, leaving behind health in a mental, spiritual, and social-emotional sense. It centred more on prepared literate individuals starting from birth.

Historically, childcare arrangements have largely been informal, involving family, household, and community members. The formalization of these arrangements emerged in the nineteenth century with the establishment of kindergartens for educational purposes and day nurseries for care in much of Europe and North America, Brazil, China, India, Jamaica, and Mexico. Over time, modern nation-states emerged and childcare moved from being a concern limited to individual families to being shared by society and the nation.

Evolution and history of Childcare in India

India on World Index in Children is quite behind, however, Government and private players are striving hard and taking effective steps to reach the goal and work their bit for Universal SDG’s.

A child’s first years are vital to their development as a whole person, and the more involved parents are from the outset, the better. In India, Anganwadi centres established by Government under the ICDS (Integrated Child Development Services) Scheme and

The invention of the crèche to modern practices such as drop-in centres and family day-care have also taken their space in India owing to privatisation and globalisation. Even if there are numerous who work and believe in childcare provision extensively as a goal many seek it as a profitable ladder.

Those who genuinely believe in providing quality education and preparing children for the world around them with foundational support are Junior Delhi School centres. Our chain of preschools whose commitment and determination is towards delivering high-quality education and appropriate nurturing to children.

Preschool Business & Education:

Most people have taken it as an opportunity to earn profits keeping education and childcare aside in the childcare business steals away and takes away all of us from our primary objective of childcare which is to provide children with all the required support, overall health, and a stimulating environment for growth and development.

India is ahead of many countries in childcare and preschool education in the South East Asia region. Jean Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s theories and practical implications are very known and revered in child psychology and the field of child development. Montessori-based childcare centres are available globally and in our nation. Junior Delhi School centres and other preschools and day cares too apply the same.

To conclude, we need to know that World’s biggest organisation working for Children, UNICEF is supporting the Government of India in addressing all the challenges that affect Early Childhood Development programmes through a comprehensive framework, delivered by a well-equipped system, accountability and solution-oriented policies.

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