Yoga the Complete Guide to Know

What exactly is Yoga? Yoga is about bringing harmony between the bodies as well as can be described as the art behind proper as well-being and good living. It affects every aspect of the individual that are mental, physical vital, emotional spiritual, and psychic.  The word Yoga originates of the Sanskrit word you which […]

Does addiction effect society?? 

A poor parent-child relationship is the most significant risk to a child’s development in the world. If a child and a parent are constantly at war and the child’s parent seems absent and emotional and withdrawn, it can have a long-term result for children’s emotional growth. It could be a tendency among those children later in life to […]

How To Crush Dry January

January is a time of New Year’s resolution and fresh starts, but for some, it marks the beginning of something much more: Dry January or Sober Month. This growing trend focuses on abstaining from alcohol for the entire month of January so as to reset drinking habits, improve overall wellbeing, and save money. Many individuals […]