cardiac nursing dissertation
cardiac nursing dissertation

Cardiac Nursing Dissertation Ideas and Writing Guide

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Heart failure or cardiovascular disease is a much-studied topic in the medical field. Much research is being published every day on this subject. Due to many research studies already done on this subject, it has become very hard for nursing students to find good cardiac nursing dissertation ideas or topics. Writing a dissertation on this subject is also important because if they do not write and submit it on time, they won’t get their degrees.

So, keeping this difficulty of nursing students in view, we have decided to dedicate this post to cardia nursing and dissertation topics that fall in this research subject. We will list the top 20 cardiac nursing dissertation topics. However, before listing down the ideas, let’s explain what a cardiac nursing thesis is.

What is a cardiac nursing dissertation?

Cardiac nursing is related to the services provided to patients who suffer from heart diseases. The nursing students who provide such service have to write a dissertation on a topic related to chronic heart diseases. Such a dissertation is known as a cardiac nursing dissertation. In this dissertation, the students explore a particular topic related to heart disease, sometimes it is a problem, and present its solution.

Top cardiovascular dissertation ideas in 2023

After reading the information above, you now have a good idea of what a cardiac dissertation is. You also know that writing a dissertation is mandatory if you want to get the degree. However, do you know the biggest hurdle students face when writing a cardio nursing dissertation? Yes, it is about the topic selection. Therefore, to make this selection easy for students, below are the top 20 topics related to this dissertation:

  1. An investigative study on the causes of deaths due to cardiac arrest in young adults
  2. The best preventive measures against hypertension leading to heart disease
  3. An analysis of the treatments available and their effectiveness for cardiac diseases
  4. A detailed study on the symptoms of heart diseases
  5. Medical technology in the cutting of heart diseases: A comparison of past and present
  6. The role of nurse-led clinics in the treatment of heart diseases
  7. A study on the relationship between nutrition and different heart diseases
  8. How can daily exercise be instrumental in the prevention of chronic diseases?
  9. The role of gender and age in the possibility of a heart attack
  10. The best treatment options for cardiogenic shock
  11. A detailed study on the role of cholesterol in different cardiac diseases
  12. A detailed study of the best cholesterol management options to reduce the risk of cardiac arrest among youth
  13. The most common causes of renal failure and the best prevention methods
  14. The best options for the treatment of women with high levels of hyperlipidaemia
  15. A brief look at the best heart failure prevention methods in senior citizens
  16. The role of epidemiology in the prevention of hypertension
  17. Best methods for cholesterol level screening for asymptomatic patients
  18. The relationship between diet and blood pressure level in young adults
  19. In what ways does stopping the use of tobacco help in reducing hypertension
  20. The best ways to manage blood pressure level in a pregnant woman

Guidelines for writing a cardiac nursing dissertation

Selecting a good topic for your nursing dissertation does not guarantee that you can now write a quality dissertation. It is just the first step that you take towards writing a perfect cardiac nursing dissertation. If you really want to compose an A+ grade-winning dissertation, you have to follow some guidelines. A brief description of those guidelines is as follows:

Understand the writing requirements

The first guideline to writing a dissertation is the topic selection. As you have already selected a topic from the ideas given above, we will move on to the second guideline. The second guideline suggests understanding the dissertation writing guidelines first. It asks you to know how many words you have to write on the chosen dissertation topic. Also, it allows you to know the writing style in which you have to write the dissertation.

Research the topic well

The next guideline is that you should research the topic well. Research is the most important step in writing a dissertation. Proper research does two things for you. First, it helps you collect the most relevant information to your cardiac nursing dissertation topic. Secondly, properly conducted allows you to have an idea of any gaps present in your field of study. Thus, research the selected properly.

Follow the structure

The 3rd guideline suggests following the exact structure of the dissertation. When you craft a dissertation by following, it makes a good impression on your supervisor. There are five structural elements of a dissertation, which are as follows:

  • An introduction to the topic
  • Literature review chapter
  • Research methodology section to discuss methods
  • Results & discussion chapter
  • Conclusion section that summarises the whole discussion

Thus, these are the five essential structural elements of a dissertation. Without these chapters, a dissertation is not complete at all. We know many students face difficulties in crafting these chapters. If you are one of them, then we suggest hiring dissertation writing services UK.

Edit and proofread the dissertation

The last guideline suggests editing and proofreading the dissertation before its submission. It is mandatory to edit and proofread the dissertation properly because the first draft is not always the final draft. Maybe, there are a lot of mistakes in your dissertation that need to be rectified and corrected. Therefore, you must edit the cardiac nursing dissertation before submitting it so that no mistakes and errors are left unattended.


To sum up, choosing the topic for a dissertation is a challenging task. As a researcher, you will spend the next one to two years researching that topic. Therefore, it should be a topic of your interest. In this guidepost, we have listed the top 20 topics for a cardiac nursing dissertation. Also, we have talked about the top 4 writing guidelines. It is now your duty to read all the information given above and craft your dissertation accordingly.

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