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Canadian Student Accommodation Tips

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You must have been excited when you got your acceptance letter, and you may have already applied for a Canada immigration student visa. Now, you only need to fly to Canada and start studying. However, first, you need a place to stay. Because of Covid-19, finding student accommodation in Canada has been challenging. Immigration consultants for Canada may be able to help you.  

Here are some tips to find student accommodation in Canada.

Available Options

It would be best first to research the available options near your school. These can be on-campus or off-campus options. You have to choose one based on your needs and budget. For example, if your region is prone to more snow, you might want to get on-campus housing or an off-campus apartment close to your school. 

On-Campus Accommodation

Most Universities provide accommodation to students on campus. Such a facility has benefits, including less travel time to classes. Amenities such as meals are also included in the price. However, you may not have much freedom. You may need to follow strict entry and exit times; meals will also have a schedule. 

On-campus accommodation can cost 6000 CAD to 16000 CAD per year, depending on the type, facilities, and region. They are of two kinds: dorm rooms for first-years; apartment townhouses for upper-year students.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Off-campus accommodation would be best if freedom is your primary concern. These can be one-bedroom apartments, shared apartments, shared houses, and homestays. Homestays have more facilities and comfort; you will be like a guest. You may get at least one meal included in the rent; the average rent for homestays is 600 CAD to 1000 CAD. For an apartment, you may have to pay 700 CAD to 1500 CAD.

The main benefit of getting an apartment is freedom. You can set your apartment according to your style. In addition, you can explore off-campus Canadian life.

Determine the Monthly Budget

After understanding all the available options, set the monthly budget based on funds. And choose one that will not burden you. For example, you might also get a room for a service where you work in exchange for accommodation.

Determine the needs

You might need the freedom to choose your schedule. Or the region in which your college resides is prone to heavy snow or rainfall. You may not have a private vehicle. All these things matter when you choose accommodation. So select the appropriate place only after carefully considering these points. 

Important Things to Note

  • Apply for accommodation as soon as you get an acceptance letter and the Canada immigration student visa. Mainly if you want on-campus housing, it quickly gets filled.
  • Reach out to the university’s housing office. They will help you or give you advice on finding the appropriate housing. 
  • You can research on google; various sites provide housing information, like the Facebook marketplace, Padmapper, and

So, in conclusion, the primary factors of student accommodation are budget, availability, and needs. On-campus hostels may be cheaper overall, but you will have less freedom. In off-campus housing, an apartment might be less costly than the homestays as the latter also include meals. But apartments offer more style options. In any case, start applying as soon as possible and don’t forget to contact the college’s housing office or the immigration consultants for Canada. 

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