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Brabus Vs AMG meet the best tuning experts for Mercedes in Dubai

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You may have seen expensive Mercedes cars with a letter “B” in place on the Mercedes logo, Brabus servicing. They are altered and tuned by a prestigious automotive tuning/altering firm named Brabus. In this article, we’ll look at the main differences between Brabus servicing against Mercedes AMG.

Brabus was the brainchild from Bodo Buschmann who was who was a German who was looking to make the engine of his Mercedes Benz to be more efficient and smoother than the normal production car. In the 80s, there were not many repair or tuning shops. Therefore, when he saw that houses that were customized and adjusted were not able to provide what the customer wanted, he founded Brabus to provide these services.

Brabus GmbH works and alters inside and interior of Mercedes Benz. Additionally, it upgrades the engine of the car in order to make it more fluid as well as stronger. This is why the majority of top Mercedes owners take their vehicles directly to Brabus to undergo a total overhaul.

Brabus Vs AMG What’s the difference?

Mercedes-AMG and Brabus may look alike, but they’re very different. Both brands include high-performance tuning firms with the aim of increase the performance of the engines of Mercedes Benz. Additionally, they make both exterior and interior modifications to make the cars more attractive. The difference is that AMG can be described as the sub-brand which is owned by Mercedes and Brabus is an independent entity on its own.

AMG is the most well-known name of the two. High-performance versions of Mercedes have AMG badge, Brabus servicing. In addition, AMG versions can be purchased at the nearest Mercedes dealership. Customers can also choose to customize AMG models AMG cars from local dealers. AMG can also be a trim-level on certain modern Mercedes vehicles, but without performance improvements.

However, Brabus can only be bought or modified directly from their factory. Modifications to Brabus are typically bespoke and they can make any changes the client would like in the right circumstances. The same is true for Brabus. Brabus vehicles aren’t cheap. While the cost of resale of AMG automobiles decreases, Brabus vehicles tend to retain value over time.

You could be thinking of which one is the stronger. The answer is straightforward. Brabus has many of the fastest Mercedes automobiles. In reality the Brabus tuning can increase 200 bhp to an AMG version of Mercedes.


While Brabus seems to be a better product, Engineers in AMG does all of the research and development for Mercedes automobiles. AMG is accountable for the power and performance of vehicles manufactured by Mercedes Benz. Additionally, AMG does the designing and engineering of Mercedes F1 cars. There isn’t any concurrence between the two brands. Brabus is a premium aftermarket service provider which adds more value to already powerful and luxurious Mercedes AMG vehicles.

A Brabus tuning could cost anywhere from $20,000 and $40,000. This is about 30 lakhs. The most popular vehicles modified by Brabus include Mercedes G-wagon and S-class models, the E-class and smart vehicles and so on.

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