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A miniature circuit breaker (MCB) is a type of electrical protection device used to protect electrical circuits from damage caused by overcurrents. It is a type of circuit breaker that is designed to protect smaller electrical circuits, such as those found in residential and commercial buildings. MCBs are typically used to protect circuits for lighting, heating, and power outlets. They work by automatically breaking the circuit when the current flowing through it exceeds a certain level, thus preventing damage to the circuit and reducing the risk of fire. MCBs are also known as miniature circuit breakers or MCBs.when the current flowing through it exceeds a certain level, thus preventing damage to the circuit and reducing the risk of fire. MCBs are also known as miniature circuit breakers or MCBs. Star India Electricals is the leading mcb Box manufacturer in India.

Design and Quality

We consider as best mcb Box Manufacturer which is compact and aesthetically designed to meet the requirement of every customer. At Star India Electricals our focus is to combine our technical expertise with high-quality materials to produce the best mcb distribution boxes that fulfill the need of every individual. Our priority is to deliver high-quality mcb distribution boxes which are used everywhere be it offices, industries, and residences.We have an expert team of mcb box manufacturers who delivers cost-effective and quality products to our customers. We Explained Our Product Briefly: – At Star India Electricals, we provide our clients with the best possible option when it comes to an elegant and long-lasting mcb box. We understand the importance of durability and quality in our products, which is why we powder coat our mcb boxes and use a phosphating process to prevent rusting. Our mcb boxes come in various sizes to fit the client’s specific needs. Many electrician experts consider Star India Electricals as the best possible Mcb box manufacturer.


We are a leading manufacturer of mcb Distribution Box in India. An MCB Distribution Board, also known as a board, is where we put our MCBs or an electrical board for a power supply system. An mcb Distribution Box enables the distribution of electrical power into various circuits while providing an electrical switch or protective breaker for each circuit in the same enclosure. The principle dispersion board is where the primary supply link enters and is then distributed to the breakers and from there to all the circuits, or switch sheets. Many Electricians Recommended star India Electricals as best mcb distribution box wholesaler in India. Here at our StarIndia Electricals, we specialize in the manufacturing of mcb Distribution Box. Our mcb Distribution Boxes are specially designed and engineered to provide safety, convenience, and simplicity in industrial, commercial, and residential settings. Our mcb distribution boxes are available in a wide range of styles and provide unique user-friendly features. Our Storage mcb Distribution boxes are designed to be pocket-friendly, while still being of the same high quality as our Noya series.

Rust- Free

We use a phosphating process before powder coating to provide a rust-free life for our distribution boxes for years to come. we have been manufacturing mcb distribution boxes since 1990 and our products are widely acclaimed for their quality, price, and durability. Our mcb Distribution Box comes in various sizes and we offer both single-door and double-door options to our customers.

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