Top 10 Apps To Check Who Viewed Your Profile?

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The top 10 applications to see who has viewed my Instagram account on Android and iOS are listed below. Additionally, we outline their benefits and drawbacks to make it simple for you to select the right application for your needs.


One of the most widely used and quick social networking platforms is Instagram. Everyone uses Instagram, whether they are celebrities or teenagers. According to reports, Instagram has 1 million monthly active users. This figure is adequate to illustrate how well-liked this social photo-sharing software is.


It is a manager of your Instagram account’s activities. Various helpful features, including who saw your profile, the top likers, who banned you, etc., are available in its paid version. Both the Apple and the Google Play Market have the application. It’s a compact application.

Followersreport IG:

One of the most used apps for checking Instagram account views is this one. It provides users of Instagram with a tonne of functions. Most of its features, though, including who blocked me, who saw my profile, Phantom follows, etc., are only available to premium users. In addition, Instagram stories can be downloaded. Only Android users can access it.


One of the most widely used mobile applications for examining various metrics is Influxy. The best response to the query “how to verify who viewed my Instagram account for free” is this programme. It is a cross-platform programme that is accessible to iOS and Android users. You may see updates to your friend’s profiles, who has viewed your profile, your best posts, and more.


Gramho is a fantastic tool for viewing and analyzing profiles, both on Instagram and elsewhere. It enables quick access to and examination of Instagram’s open profile data. You may access practically all profile information for businesses, celebrities, publications, and other public personalities using the Gramho Viewer Online Instagram Analyzer.


One of the greatest apps for seeing who has seen my Instagram account is InStalker. You receive reports about who has been following you on Instagram. You may see who blocked you, who browsed your profile, how many people like your posts, and other information. This software is available for download from the Google Play store.


Reportly is another well-known brand among the programmes that allow me to see who has viewed my private Instagram profile. Easy-to-use programme with all the capabilities you need. You may view visitors to your profile, those who have blocked you, etc. On all Android versions higher than 5.0, it functions without a hitch.


MyInsProfile is the finest app for you if you’re seeking for a quick mobile application that provides insights into who has viewed my personal Instagram profile. The Google Play Store offers this mobile application for no cost.


Everyone is interested in finding out how many people have viewed their Instagram profile. The top 10 applications to help you locate your Instagram stalker and get a thorough report on your IG profile are included in the article above. Both Android and iOS users can access all of the programmes.

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