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AC Repair

AC Repair and Maintenance Services for India’s Summer

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AC service centre is a company or service provider that specialises in the repair and maintenance of air conditioning devices. In general, India’s climate is hot and humid, therefore having air conditioning indoors provides relief from the oppressive heat and humidity. Residential, commercial, and industrial areas are all served by AC service centres. Repairing a faulty or damaged air conditioner may be very costly, therefore using the services of the nearest AC service centre may seem like a good deal.

Professionally qualified and experienced experts are on hand to bring your air conditioner back in working order.

All about AC repair centre in Kolkata 

In India, air conditioning is a must, and life can become miserable if the air conditioner breaks down. The majority of people use their air conditioner on a regular basis, which raises the likelihood of wear and tear; yet, not utilising the device enough can lead to its failure. As a result, the only way to ensure that it runs smoothly and properly is to have it tested on a regular basis by an expert at an AC repair centre in Kolkata.

What are some common issues that AC service centers typically repair?

Common problems that can be fixed by nearest AC service centre are: 

Water leaking:  The AC system’s lines and connections deteriorate over time, resulting in refrigerant leaks. 

Hot air coming out: The presence of hot air could suggest a dirty air filter, a blockage in the ducting, or debris in the compressor, which is causing it to overheat. 

Condenser coil freezing:  Dirty air filters or condenser units force the air conditioner to work twice as hard to provide the same level of cooling. 

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Bad odour coming from AC:  Electrical smells could indicate a problem with the motor’s wiring. The system can overheat if your air filters become blocked, resulting in burning smells. 

Cool air not flowing:  This typical problem can manifest itself in two ways.The air conditioner may be on, but no air is being pushed through the ductwork.Second, despite the presence of air, it does not appear to be particularly cooling. 

AC not working properly:  This problem can occur when a circuit breaker has been tripped. A defective thermostat and unsecured wiring are two other possibilities.

What are the most important criteria for maintaining an air conditioner?

Here are some important criteria for maintaining an air conditioner:

  • Keeping the outdoor unit clean 
  • Keeping the indoor unit clean 
  • Keeping the air filters clean 
  • Cleaning coil fins Checking, repairing and replacing any defective pipe insulation 
  • AC rooms need to be dust-free

Keeping your Air conditioning system working properly is very important in summer. Hence, it is advisable to get the regular service and maintenance of your AC at the beginning of summer season otherwise it would be very problematic for one to stay relaxed in a hot environment. Before the summer season when you don’t need AC you can clean and cover it properly. Regularly check your air conditioner system by getting service from the AC repair centre in Kolkata.

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