carpet cleaning services
carpet cleaning services

8 Troubles When You Skip Professional Carpet Cleaning Services In 2023

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Carpet cleaning is an important service that should be taken care of regularly. Not only will it keep your carpets looking and smelling great, but it can also help to prevent damage from pet stains and other messes. However, several dangers can arise if you don’t get your carpets cleaned regularly. For example, dirt, dust, and other particles can build up over time and create dangerous conditions for you and your pets. If this sounds like something you want to avoid, get professional carpet cleaning services in Silverton OR every couple of months to keep your home clean and safe!

Dangers When You Don’t Get Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Silverton OR

Carpet cleaning is a service that most people take for granted. After all, we do it daily without even thinking about it. But like with any other service, certain dangers come with not getting affordable best carpet cleaning services performed regularly. We’ll also offer tips on protecting yourself and your family from these dangers.

Overly Damp Carpets

Overly damp carpets can be dangerous, as they can cause mold and mildew to grow. This can lead to respiratory problems, as well as other health issues. Additionally, overgrown carpets can also create a tripping hazard. Are you not sure if your carpet is too wet or if you need to get it cleaned? Call an expert offering professional carpet cleaning services in Silverton OR.


Too often, people over-shampoo their carpets, which can lead to several problems. Over shampooing can strip the carpet of its natural oils and cause it to become dry, brittle, and harder to clean when you skip getting affordable best carpet cleaning services. It can also increase the risk of allergies and other respiratory issues. It can also damage the fibers chemically treated in the carpet’s construction. In addition, over-shampooing can also lead to bacteria growth and even mildew.

Using Too Much Water

Carpet cleaning is an important part of maintaining your home’s cleanliness. Not getting the service regularly leads to dirt, dust, and debris buildup, which can be harmfuharmlth. Too much water exposure can also damage the carpets themselves. Using too much water will cause the carpet to become saturated and heavy. It can lead to stretching or tearing of the fabric. That’s where attaining professional carpet cleaning services in Silverton OR is the way to go. This can also create areas where dirt and dust accumulate more easily. It could lead to further damage down the road.

Too Much Deodorizer

Carpet cleaning is a service that should always be performed regularly to keep your home clean and smelling fresh. However, many people do their cleaning without professional hardwood floor cleaning services in Salem OR. Over time, this buildup can damage your air conditioning unit’s coils or ducts, making it less effective and potentially costing you money in repairs down the line.

Wrong PH Levels

It is important to keep your carpet clean if you have pets, children, or any other type of allergy. Dirt and dust can cause severe reactions in people with allergies. Pets also shed fur, which can accumulate on the carpet and create allergens. 

In addition to allergens, dirty carpets can also harbor harmful bacteria that can cause respiratory problems in people with asthma. Not only does this endanger your health, but it’s also a nuisance because an unclean carpet is harder to vacuum. Finally, dirty carpets are ugly and make your home look cluttered; get your carpets clean, and you’ll be able to enjoy the appearance & function benefits of professional carpet cleaning services in Silverton OR!

Ruined Carpets

When you don’t get your carpets cleaned regularly, dirt, dust, and other allergens can build up and cause allergies in susceptible people. This is especially true for people with asthma or other respiratory problems. Additionally, when particulate matter accumulates on your carpets, it can create an uncomfortable environment for anyone trying to stay healthy. In some cases, the buildup of allergens and dust can also lead to damage to the fabric of the carpeting itself. 

Quickly Soiled Carpets

Carpets can become soiled quickly if not cleaned regularly. Dirt, dust, and other allergens can build up over time and lead to asthma attacks and other respiratory problems. Not only carpets unsightly and uncomfortable, but they also increase the chances of contracting harmful bacteria and fungus. Not only will this make it hard to clean them later on, but it could also increase the chances of allergens and bacteria spreading throughout your home. If you struggle to keep your carpets clean, it’s worth considering getting professional hardwood floor cleaning services in Salem OR regularly.

Delaminated Carpets And Browning Discoloration

A few dangers come with not getting carpet cleaning regularly. One of the most common is carpet delamination. This can lead to major chunks of fabric coming off in large chunks, as well as browning and discoloration due to the chemicals used in cleaning. Another danger of not getting your carpets cleaning is that dirt, dust, and allergens will build up over time and cause problems like asthma attacks or severe respiratory issues.  


Poorly maintained carpets can lead to a loss of floor space over time. This is due to the accumulation of dirt, dust, and other debris that slowly pulls the fibers in the carpet together, resulting in a shrinking or even shrinking and bulging effect on the rug. This can cause discomfort when walking on the carpet and a general feeling of uncleanliness and neglect. Not only will this look unsightly, but it could also lead to health problems if left untreated – such as mold growth or even serious allergies caused by irritants emitted from dirty surfaces.

Bottom Line

Carpet cleaning is one of the most important services at Lifted Cleaning Solutions LLC. Not only does it help to keep your home clean and organized, but it also protects your flooring from dirt, dust, and other allergens. If you are interested in having our team come out and clean your carpets, please give us a call today! We would be happy to discuss our pricing options with you and answer any questions you may have about our carpet cleaning service.

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