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7 Much-Consistent Myths about the Fashion World

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The fact is that appearances hardly ever match the reality when it comes to the glitzy and glamorous world of fashion. Let’s just face it. They are in the business of selling fantasies. And the ugly truths about them would tarnish and spoil all the fun. Therefore, it is the requirement of their jobs to appear bursting with fun and excitement. At all times! Because that’s what we expect of them.

The fashion industry is thought to be and depicted as superficial, phony, and cutthroat! Therefore, my aim to write this piece is to share some worth-knowing fashion truths for people who recklessly utter judgmental rants. I have worked in fashion for as long as I can remember. And recently I have made a career switch from western to Eastern Pakistani wedding clothes. Nevertheless, the myths surrounding the fashion world are more or less the same in all parts of the world!

Let’s give you some empowering info about the false notions regarding the world of beauty, glamor, and fashion.

Top 7 Myths about Fashion Debunked

  1. Everyone is Mean and Full of Themselves.
  2. Modeling is the Most Glamorous Job Ever.
  3. It’s All About Money, Clothes, and Rumors.
  4. Fashion Photography is Dying.
  5. The Only Career Line in the Fashion Industry is in Design.
  6. Fashion Designers Actually Make Clothes.
  7. Celebrities at the Fashion Shows are Big Designer Fans

Everyone is Mean and Full of Themselves

This may be a little irrelevant but have you watched ‘The Devil wears Prada’? If you are a fashion lover, you must have. Meryl Streep was legendary in her performance as Miranda Priestly. She is a perfect depiction of the meanness we are talking about. It is important to know that not everyone in fashion is like her. Neither are they, self-obsessed narcissists!

However, they are a little sugar-coated and not exactly super nice! To be fair, the nature and type of their job is what makes them overburdened, stressed out, and not much relatable. So, give them that and let’s not confuse all that with general meanness!

Modeling is the Most Glamorous Job Ever

Models seem to be bursting with zeal and delight. Well, only when they finally get a chance to land a modeling contract or shoot! The modeling career is not easy. It is exhausting and you have to take rejection more than you ever expected. Imagine getting all dolled up to go ask your crush on a date. And there you with rejection, over and over again! Surely, not easy to take.

Even when you become a successful model, you are drained with a constant pressure of keeping a check on the calories consumed. You have to hit the gym, work with a personal trainer, to look incredibly happy for a shoot even when you are sulking. Because that’s the job!

Not to forget the constant fussing, pinning, prepping, makeup, to remind you that you are far from perfection in ways unlimited! Oh, and the constant state of being in a jet lag because you have to travel all the time to be a part of the ramp walks.

It’s All About Money, Clothes, and Rumors

We agree that profits are important. But isn’t that important in every work field? The designers coming up with innovative ideas are working hard with their teams to create the best pieces. They are normal human beings trying to do their jobs right and working to give back. They are working hard to earn a name and not everyone is spreading rumors or indulging in scandalous stuff for cheap fame.

It’s sad when the whole industry is perceived in a particular way because of some people. Because those “some people” exist in every work field.

Fashion Photography is Dying

Not at all! This is far from the truth. In fact, the fashion photography industry is more crowded today than ever. The photographers are more creative and innovative because of photography tools, which are readily available. Magazines and companies are still in dire need of reliable and talented photographers. So, if you are aspiring to be a fashion photographer, don’t give up because of this myth. Fashion photography remains to be a viable career option!

The Only Career Line in the Fashion Industry is in Design

I must have gotten asked almost a thousand times whether I’m a student of Apparel Design. And I’m not even exaggerating! I really feel the need for educating people that there are a plethora of different career paths in the fashion industry. Here are some of the job roles in this niche for the record:

  • Fashion journalists.
  • Buyers.
  • Fashion photographers.
  • Public relations people.
  • visual merchandisers.
  • Event planners and organizers.

And the list goes on!

Fashion Designers Actually Make Clothes

To be honest, it would have been a massive help if they could. Because they are the ones coming up with the ideas, concepts, and color combos. Also, we are not implying that they know nothing about sewing or pattern-making. Some have a thorough understanding of the related procedures. Some work as creative directors. This means they direct about the concept and visual but leave stitching to be figured out. However, let’s debunk this myth that they actually make the outfits. NO, THEY DON’T!

Celebrities at the Fashion Shows are Big Designers Fans

Unless a certain celeb is a BFF with a designer, they wouldn’t only show up just to appreciate designers. You can be sure that they are essentially paid to make an appearance. Designers understand the power and influence of celebrity endorsements and they take full advantage of them. Look at this; “Omg, Blake Lively is my favorite fashion icon. Oh, she’s wearing embroidered pants with a sleek silk blouse by Zuhair Murad. That has to be the raging trend!” It’s hard to resist such an expression!

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