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7 Benefits Of CRM Phone Integration

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CRM Phone Integration is the ability to link individual customer support phones that record calls and use specific CRM software. In most cases, this can be done with a call-monitoring service such as RingCentral as well as a VoIP phone system. Once this is done, the customer will have access to their own contacts, opportunities, etc., all within the CRM interface. This means your customers can see outcomes for calls they’ve made and even apply for jobs from any device.


Increasingly, businesses are experiencing growth in new and old markets. With this expansion to new markets, it is important to keep track of customer and partner interactions. A CRM phone integration does just that. It ties your phone experience into your CRM system, allowing you more control as well as providing a more consistent service experience for the customer.

What is CRM phone integration?

CRM Phone Integration is a system that allows you to combine your phone experience through a call monitoring service, such as RingCentral, with back-end CRM software tracking. This means that you can track calls in real-time and update software with live data automatically.

Who benefits from CRM phone integration?

Any type of business can benefit from CRM phone integration. The real benefit is for someone who has call tracking and a CRM system but wants to control all aspects of their customer experience in one place.

1. Improved Customer Service

CRM phone integration can help businesses provide a better customer experience by providing all of their information in one place. This means that the customer service professional can look up information and view outcomes for calls before they are made. Customer service becomes more efficient and effective, as every staff member is given access to the same information. This gives the customer a consistent experience, even if they are talking to multiple people in different departments.

2. Improved Data Analysis

As call tracking (and with it, CRM phone integration) can be done in real-time, it is possible for companies to see exactly how their business is performing. They will know who their best customers are and what opportunities are most likely to close. This allows them to fine-tune the way they interact with each customer and tailor their service experience.

3. Improved Customer Relationships

CRM phone integration and call tracking can help businesses create stronger customer relationships. Customers will now have access to their contact and opportunity lists in one easy-to-use location and can make more informed decisions about their interactions with the company.

4. Reduce Costs/Increased Revenue Potential

With more information available for your customers and partners, an increase in the number of calls is likely. A company that does not have call tracking may find that it loses business to its competitors who do have the feature. By eliminating the need for customer service staff to call customers to gather information, you can save money on employee pay as well as benefit from a higher quality of customer service.

5. Increase Productivity

By recording calls in real-time and having access to the data from those calls, a business can cut down the time it takes to resolve customer issues. Not only does it save money on phone calls, but it saves money when employees are not burning extra time processing an issue that could have been resolved faster with call tracking.

6. Network Performance

In a time when consumers have more options than ever before, network performance is more important than ever. CRM phone integration allows businesses to access their network and make sure that everything is running smoothly, even on the busiest days of the week. This ensures that customers will always receive a quality experience regardless of how busy your office is or how crowded your internet connection becomes.

7. Increased Knowledge of Customers

Knowing your customer’s history and giving them access to the same information not only helps you provide a better experience but also allows them to have more informed interactions with the business. This means that they can ask better questions and make better decisions, increasing revenue potential while saving the company valuable time. For many businesses, this is an invaluable perk.

Conclusion: CRM Phone Integration

CRM phone integration is an essential part of any business’s customer service strategy. That is why other companies have already implemented it. The benefits it offers are numerous and, in many ways, too numerous to count. If you have not already done so, download a demonstration of RingCentral and see how call tracking can help your business.

CRM phone integration is a way to ensure you keep track of customer interactions while providing a consistent service experience to the customer. With this in mind, using CRM phone integration will make your business more effective and efficient and help your customers feel more confident about their interactions with the company.

With a CRM phone integration, you can save time, money, and resources while giving your customers a better experience. Call tracking, in general, is an essential component of any good customer service strategy. By using CRM phone integration available from RingCentral. You will have the ability to track calls in real-time which gives your business the ability to see where it stands in the market as well as how it can improve its service levels for customers and partners.

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