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4 Solutions to Lessen Conveyor Belt Damage

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A conveyor belt is vital for moving products in any industry as it helps quickly transport large amounts of material from one point to another. It saves time and promotes productivity while reducing labour, letting employees concentrate on things instead of transporting heavy labour-intensive products, a health and safety concern. It is crucial to maintain your conveyor belts because their damage can result in irreparable losses, not to mention repair or replacement costs. 

Here are four solutions to lessen conveyor belt damage:

Use the Right Belt For Each Application

Manufacturers use different materials to make conveyor belts, affecting their lifespan. The environment in which you use the conveyor belt determines its longevity. Matching the right conveyor belts with your business needs is essential. They come in various grades with special characteristics to ensure they can handle the weight and impact of each application. If your business conveys rough and abrasive material, you should consider an abrasion-resistant grade-A belt. Using any other will result in frequent damages that may not be repairable.

Protect Belt From Impact

While these belts can handle impact, large and heavy materials can destroy them at the impact points. This impact results in tears or holes, especially if the impacting material is high. Your business should invest in the best conveyor belt solutions to prevent this damage. You should install impact idlers or beds at the impact points. These beds reduce the impact on the belt, reducing damages and improving the belt’s lifespan.

Cleaning and Maintaining Belts

Cleaning and maintenance are essential in reducing conveyor belt damage. The materials adhering to the belt’s underside (also called carryback) can lead to wear and tear. It gets worse when the layer is left to harden and thicken. It is vital to clean and maintain the belts to reduce the carryback. Ensure you clean carefully using the right products to avoid further damage. Ensure your business has proper warehouse storage systems to avoid carryback problems.

Prevent Mistracking

The conveyor belt can sometimes experience mistracking due to worn-out pulleys or the accumulation of materials. Mistracking can cause damage to the belt, especially on the edges where the belt comes into contact with the surrounding structure. Ensure your business repairs any worn-out pulleys and reduces build-up.

Consequently, this will minimize belt damage associated with mistracking. 

Conveyor belts are crucial for your business, and it is impossible to operate without them. They make work easier and enhance safety within your business. They improve efficiency through labour reduction and keep the belts operational by strengthening their lifespan. 

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Solutions to lessen damage include proper cleaning and maintenance that remove carryback and prevent mistracking. Ensure your business uses the right conveyor belts for the right application to avoid wear and tear from heavy materials. It is vital to protect the belts from impact to reduce the damage.


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