Long-Lasting Condoms
Long-Lasting Condoms

10 Best Long-Lasting Condoms for Men in India

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When it comes to using a condom, there are multiple benefits. The first two are the most obvious ones – as a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy and protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Did you know, condoms can also enhance your experience in bed? Whether you’re looking to last longer, perform better, or even, make your partner enjoy it more – there’s a condom out there that will help enhance how you have sex.

Best Condoms for Long Stay in Bed

When it comes to condoms that help you last longer, there are two major types:

Extended pleasure condoms

This type of condom is made out of a thicker material than traditional rubbers. The thicker material condoms are basically the opposite of the extra thin condoms that feel like nothing. By reducing the sensitization, they increase how long it takes to orgasm.”

Delay condoms

Delay condoms are lined internally with some form of desensitizing agent, like benzocaine or lidocaine. These ingredients work as a local anesthetic and slightly numb the head of the penis, so it’s less sensitive, prolonging ejaculation. Sometimes people have sensitivities to the pre-treated numbing agent, in which case thicker condoms may be the right choice for you.

Here are our top picks of the best condoms avaialable in the Indian market that re designed foor longer-lasting sex:

  • Skore Not Out Climax Delay Condoms

Skore Not Out condoms are made of the best latex and have a special lubricant that helps you stay in bed longer. With 1500 dots on their surface, the Skore Not Out condoms are designed to make men last longer, while providing female pleasure

The Skore Not Out Climax delay condom contain a special lubricant with 4.5% Benzocaine. This is an active local anesthetic that will help you and your partner keep and extend the peak of your sexual experience in bed.

  • Skore Warm Condoms 10s – 4in1 Condoms – Coloured, Dotted, Ribbed, and Shaped

Skore Warm condoms are made with a special lubricant that makes love more enjoyable and lets you feel the warmth. Skore-friendly condoms have a dotted texture that makes your sex life more exciting and enjoyable. Dots can give you a shivering rush by rubbing her vagina in susceptible places while wearing a Skore Warm condom on your organ.

  • Skore Cool Condoms – Cooling Lubricant and watermelon Flavoured

Due to this change, the scoring has been changed to Tingling, Cooling, and Minty. Cooling lubricant is put on both sides of our new cool condom, so when you use them, you and your partner will feel tingling. Some people think that the fresh mint smell of Skore cool condoms can make you feel better. Skore cool condoms, also called Climax delay condoms, will keep you and your partner entertained by making your passionate encounter last longer. The icy-cold condom now has a dotted texture to give you more sexy thrills.

  1. Skore Duo Max Condoms

Duo Max from Skore is another condom designed specifically with climax delay lube for him and dotted & ribbed texture for her. This ensured he lasts really long while she gets the maximum pleasure with it’s unique dotted and ribbed texture, ensuring both partners experience an all-new sensory explosion together.

  1. Skore Timeless Condoms

This is another uniquely designed condom from Skore that has specially formulated lubricant with Benzocaine that helps you delay your climax, combined with its patented ZigZag pattern of Ribs and Dots that makes your lovemaking a truly ‘time-less’ experience

  • Kamasutra dotted box of 12 condoms

The Kamasutra-dotted condom is one of the best Kamasutra products on the market right now. The length of the product is decorated with pyramidal dots. In other words, it’s made so both of you will enjoy it. You can buy Kamasutra condoms with beads in packs of 12. It can be purchased at a pharmacy or on the Internet.

  • Durex Extra Time

Using a Durex Extra Time condom can do more in less time, with more passion and pleasure. It has a special lubricant that makes your most memorable moments last longer. A regular condom gives a lot of security and peace of mind. Millions of people worldwide use Durex condoms because they meet international condom standards and give people the confidence, excitement, and variety they want.

  • Manforce stamina pineapple flavored condoms pack of 10

Condom brand Manforce adheres to strict ISO standards and is a high-end product. Flavored condoms only sold by Manforce help get the word out about how important it is to have safe sex. We’ve come up with many fun things for you to do to have a good time. Manforce Stamina wants you and your partner to have the best time possible. Condoms have a lot of oil on them.

  • Kamasutra dotted mango condoms box of 10

This method of birth control is perfect for those times when you don’t want to get caught. Because they are made entirely of natural rubber latex, you and your partner can rediscover the passion you once shared. The polka-dot pattern outside these condoms may make them more fun to use. Its improved fruitiness and mango taste make for an excellent intercourse experience. When it comes to having sex, the Kamasutra condoms that taste like mango are perfect for both partners.

  • manforce game 3 in 1 box of 10 condoms

The ten condoms in the Manforce Game 3-in-1 box are the cherry on top of a great night of making love. With their lubricated, clear, and anatomically shaped teat ends, these condoms are more accessible and more comfortable to wear. The ISO and GMP certifications show that the natural rubber latex used in the Manforce Game 3-in-1 package of ten condoms is of the highest quality. It makes it much less likely that someone will get an STD, HIV/AIDS, or another sexually transmitted disease.


There is no need to explain how important are condoms during sex. They are inevitable for having sex and provides certain level of safety. Condoms are mostly available with flavors and without flavors. One should definitely know the difference before using any one of them. With many people preferring to buy condoms from online websites, skorecondoms.com is the best place to find the right condom for your use. With a wide variety of choices to choose from, you can easily find the best one for you.

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